Most web publishers, including us use WordPress hosting to run our site. So you might wonder why do we do that? Today, let’s elaborate the benefits of hosting your website with WordPress as compared to others.

Most of the content creators who need a new website need flexibility. You might know that we have a YouTube channel as well which I have to manage and post timely videos on. In a busy schedule, if you want to deploy a fresh blog, you need to have a hosting which is powerful yet easy to manage. Learning WordPress website management is easy and fast and doesn’t need a lot of knowledge to get started.

  • Basically, when I purchased this hosting on GoDaddy, I got a free domain for 3 years. Technically, the cost for both hosting and domain for this website for next 3 years came at Rs 99/month which is like $1.5/month. Also, we have a business email on GSuite which costs INR 125/month or close to $1.8/month. The GSuite Account gives features like 30GB of Google Drive Storage and some additional features along with a custom name for the email. This adds to a total of INR 250/month or $4/month to run this website for me.
  • Coming to managing the website, the server of GoDaddy is very stable and gives a decent 99% uptime on our website. So far we haven’t faced any complaints from the visitors about loading speed issue or site not responding. The hosting plan which we are using costs less so we have to be very careful with the animations which we use in the website. If there is too much of animation, then the website takes too long to get loaded so we decided to keep it minimum and clean.
  • User Management on WordPress Hosting is also comparatively easy and efficient. Each individual author and editor has their own login password and id. This makes it easy for me to keep track of their posts and their activity on the website. Also, the login is quite secure and users can set a password upto 64 characters with special characters. With IP lockout feature, if someone tries to login repeatedly for more than 4 times with incorrect details, he get’s blocked from login screen for next 24 hours. This makes it safer for authors to work.

With predesigned Themes and Plugins, you can customise your website as per choice. This allows the publishers to get a custom designed website easily for free. You can also buy premium themes to get more attractive website for visitors but I think for a blog, the pre provided templates are good to go.

  • For users who need a professional website or a e-commerce website for their customers, they can upgrade their servers when they need it depending on the number of site visitors. A faster hosting means better site loading speed and more power on board.
  • Elementor is also an amazing tool to design your website. You can add custom buttons for website along with drag and drop animations. These look good for page visitors and can help to boost engagement for your website.

Finally before we conclude this short and simple post, let’s talk about SSL Encryption for your website. The Secure Green Padlock is very important for your website visitors to gain trust and to make them believe that you value their privacy. You can get it for free from CloudFlare or buy one for $100/year at GoDaddy. We use a free SSL but if you have an e-commerce website where users are entering card details or personal information then it’s better to go with a paid server based encryption.


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