Today, we are back with another article regarding some free must-have Windows Tools. If you haven’t read our previous article regarding this topic, then we urge you to have a look at it. The softwares which we are going to mentioned here today are all less than 2MB in size and just as we mentioned in our previous article, you will also find these tools helpful in your daily PC usage routine. So, as we said in our last article, without further wasting your valuable time let’s get down to the topic:

1. WinDirStat

Did you ever face the issue of your PC memory being clogged up and you can’t exactly determine the type of files that are taking up the most space? Well, then WinDirStat or Windows Directory Statistics is the right tool for you. Its main job is to scan your entire PC memory or simply, all your drive partitions and create a visual map of your contents on your hard drive. So, you could understand what are the files or category of files that are clogging up your PC’s memory the most. Hence, making it easy for you to manage or delete them.

Once the scan is done, the files types are all differentiated via colour coding into rectangular boxes. The sizes of these colour coded rectangular boxes are all proportional to the amount of space occupied by the different file categories on your PC. Hence, making it easier for users to track them.

2. 7-ZIP

Most of you may already be knowing that Windows comes with its very own built-in archival tool which is mainly limited to compressing your files into a ZIP file. Whereas 7-ZIP is a lightweight archival tool that can perform multiple functions. It has the capability of compressing your files into various popular formats, including 7z, WIM and TAR. It can also decompress various file formats such as CAB, CHM, VHD and RAR.

3. Fotografix

Fotografix is another lightweight tool that specializes in photo editing. It includes all the basic features like cropping, adjusting exposure and applying various filters on an image. Besides these, it also has some extra features like drawing, selection tools (including various brushes) and it also supports Photoshop-like ‘layers’ some of which most heavy or advanced level photo editing softwares don’t have.

4. TightVNC

TightVNC or Tight Virtual Network Computing is a remote control tool for Windows PCs. It simply lets you remotely access or connect to another computer. This type of tools is mostly required for accessing resources, performing system administration tasks or for troubleshooting PC issues via remote connectivity as the connected PCs are normally difficult to reach physically.

5. Ant Renamer

Ant Renamer is an augmented version of the default Windows Explorer program. It can be used to rename multiple files with minimum effort. A user can use it to rename or insert a word and replace a specific portion of the file name. The user can also use it to insert Exif info of multiple images into their filename. Ant Renamer can also be classified as Batch Renamer software.

That will be all for now folks. Make sure to stay tuned to this website for more updates.


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