As you have guessed by reading the heading. Today, our topic is going to be about some must-have free Windows tools. The softwares which we are going to mention below are all less than 2MB in size and you will surely find them very helpful in your daily PC usage routine. So, without further wasting your valuable time let us dive into the topic below:

1. f.lux

Do your eyes feel strained and puffy when you expose them to your bright monitor screen for long hours especially during this work from home regime due to the pandemic? If yes, then this is the right tool for you, the f.lux tool automatically calibrates the display’s colour tone, contrast and brightness based on the local time to choose a soothing display setting for your delicate eyes.

You will also get the option to adjust the display colour scheme manually to your personal liking.

2. Explore++

Explore++ is an alternative tool to the default Windows file manager that is the Windows Explorer. It helps to reduce the file clutter by using a tabbed interface that could sort out different types of files stored on your Hard drive by segregating them under different file types. It can also split or merge various files.

The most interesting part is that the tool can also be run from a USB device for a Windows PC.

3. AnyBurn

AnyBurn is an easy to use burning tool for your optical drive. Well, it is true that nowadays the demand for optical discs have highly diminished due to the availability of various small-sized high-capacity storage devices like USB pen drives, external Hard Drives or external SSDs. However, once in a while you may still need to create a DVD or a CD and for those times burning software like AnyBurn will come in handy. You can use it to convert audio files from an audio disc to your desired music format such as MP3, Flac or WAV. You can also use this tool to create a bootable USB drive.

4. TinyWall

TinyWall is a free lightweight firewall tool same as the Windows Defender (default Windows firewall). The main difference it has compared to the Windows Defender Firewall is that the user-interface is much easier to understand and tweak. You can easily configure the network traffic settings from the system tray icon.

5. BitMeter OS

To simply put it, BitMeter OS is a handy internet monitoring tool that runs silently in the background and measures your internet consumption and speed. It stores the information of your data consumption and speed of the connection and can show it to you at any later point of time as requested by you. You can also enable a real-time meter to see your real-time data consumption and speed while you actively use your PC.

You can also set up an alert, so it could warn you that you have consumed a specific amount of data from your limited data package. Hence, you won’t accidentally end up exhausting your package at one go.

That will be all for now folks. Make sure to stay tuned to this website for more updates.


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