A lot of times we have covered on how you can buy coins or digital assets but today, we have something more interesting. We are going to share some tips on how you can secure your transactions on Bitcoin. People often ask whether Bitcoin transactions are really anonymous or can they be traced back ? Today, I will answer your questions and clear the doubts.

Bitcoin transactions are pseudo anonymous, this means that there is a possibility that they can be traced back to the original sender or receiver either by connecting it to social media, your email address, your ISP, device information and many more. Thereby if you want to protect your privacy while transacting on Bitcoin, you should follow some of the basic safety tips which I have mentioned below.

Use Multiple Wallet Addresses to Conduct your Transactions

This is the first step which is mentioned by security researchers in protecting your identity while conducting transactions over Bitcoin is to use multiple wallet addresses. This would help you maintain your privacy while receiving Bitcoins from someone.

By doing this you would be isolating your transactions. This single step of yours would prevent rest of your transactions to get linked with each other and prevent them from being tracked.

People who would send you Funds through Bitcoin won’t be aware of your other wallets and what you do with them.

Use Tor Browser

It is very much possible to track your IP to get relay of your Bitcoin Transactions. To get really anonymous which doing transaction on the Bitcoin Network, you need to mask your IP with Tor Browser.

Tor Browser also known as Onion Router, redirects your internet connection across various global redirecting points until it reaches the intended destination. For example, if you are trying to go to google.com, first Tor would send the request to a point is Russia, then France, then New York and finally to Google.

Never Post Your Bitcoin Wallet Address on Public Forums

As a responsible Bitcoin user, you should always refrain from posting your BTC address in the public. Also, you must never share information pertaining to your bitcoin transactions and purchases which you might have made using BTC. This could lead someone to identify your Bitcoin address.

Also, never reuse the same Bitcoin address again and again. Reusing same BTC addresses again and again might highlight you as a potential bitcoin user and then you can become a potential target of hackers.

If you have no other choice but to use the same address, then be sure to use a mix of Tor and Bitcoin Mixer to remove trace of your online activity.

Use a LogLess VPN

Most of the VPN companies which have a paid service follow a strict procedure of using log-less servers. Free VPN’s however sell this crucial data to advertisers thereby exposing your online activity. If you want to make sure that your activity in Bitcoin remains anonymous, use a log-less VPN server.

In some cases Log-less VPN servers, provide the same IP address to multiple users to prevent tracking them online.

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