About Us

At t4tech media group, we value user generated content. Our aim is to cover topics beyond the boundary of our main YouTube channel which primarily focuses on technology. In our blog, we have freelancers including me editing and uploading written articles to divided into categories across tech, product reviews, blockchain, finance, news, agriculture etc.

As a team we like to work together and we keep aspiring to review more and more services for the readers in the future. The people working behind the scenes are really passionate about their work and if you want to support them you can do so by following them on social media.

As a viewer, you are free to share our posts across social media and your own blog but make sure to input proper credits to the authors/editors of that particular post. Definitely, have a look at our Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure for getting more information on how we process user’s data. We aim to simplify the way people read content in the web. Day by day we will keep adding more and more topics on this blog and keep growing across the internet, educating more people.

The t4tech Media team.