Welcome to a new era of Decentralised Advertising. Sounds interesting right?

Today, we will discuss about another interesting Decentralised Project named as AdEx Network. We will try to understand what they do as an advertising platform and how this might change the online advertising industry in future.

To start with, let me get you all a bit familiarised with this new project.

AdEx brings full transparency to digital advertising, reduces ad fraud and protects end users’ privacy.

With AdEx, you cut off intermediaries and save on unnecessary fees. We help advertisers and publishers maximize results and revenues – with the added value of real-time verifiable reporting.

Source : https://www.adex.network/

To explain this in short, this helps advertisers and publishers in getting a better perspective of their revenue by using real time revenue reporting and helps in saving unnecessary costs for advertisers.

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Advertisers, Publishers and Real People – nothing less, nothing more

We created AdEx because we realised that the ad tech industry failed to offer truly open source, transparent and fraud-proof ad networks. We decided to challenge the status quo. First, we connected advertisers and publishers directly, dropping the need for most intermediaries. Then we added real-time reporting, dramatically reducing the ability for any side to report wrong data to others for their own financial gain.

Privacy-preserving targeting

We value the privacy of individuals and AdEx has been designed with that in mind. No end user data will ever be uploaded to AdEx servers and paired with data from other sources.

Payment channels

Scaling transaction volume is not an issue for AdEx Network thanks to our payment channels solution which allows small payments for each individual impression – a unique benefit for advertisers and publishers on the platform.

Crypto volatility solved

The AdEx platform runs using two cryptocurrencies – the ADX token and the DAI stablecoin. Frequent price fluctuations are a concern for using crypto for standard business payments, so we implemented the DAI stablecoin as payment method between advertisers and publishers on the platform. The ADX token is vital for running validator nodes on the AdEx network.

Source : https://www.adex.network/

After reading all these, you might have some questions in your mind.

People might think that this could be a Google Ads alternative, but that’s not the case. The AdEx team says that it is a platform where advertisers and publishers can connect and get their work done with ease. The major difference between Google Ads and AdEx is that, the later is decentralised.

Advertisers might have another question, what’s the pricing model on AdEx Network. To this question, the AdEx team has said that currently it operated on a CPM model but soon there will be options of CPC (Cost Per Click), which is preferred by most advertisers.

Next, you might ask how long it takes to get started. Well for advertisers, you just need to sign up and add funds to your account to get started. For publishers, you need to submit your website for verification which can take upto 24 hours.

Can anyone join as a publisher on this platform? The answer is no. Sites which promote false ad clicks or incentivises the users for ad clicks are not allowed to monetise their platform.

Sites that employ fraud mechanisms (auto-refreshing, ad slot highjacking, etc.) are not accepted on AdEx, and neither are sites that are created for the sole purpose of displaying ads and offer no value content to their audience.

Regarding cost for advertisers, you can start with as low as $1 for your campaign. It’s upto you how much you want to spend.

You can pay using DAI and GBP. Withdrawals are carried out in DAI only for now. In future more options will be added.

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