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Periodically, we will review products or services on this website. If we believe, it is a Good Product and the merchant or company selling the product offers affiliate program, we have no issue referring others to the product by affiliate links. This means, we may receive a commission or some form of compensation if you buy products which I recommend.

Why am I explaining this ?

Because this website is purely owned by an Indian Group of Freelancers. I am not required to comply with FTC affiliate disclosure policy, but I believe as a viewer you should know this.

We will never recommend or falsely represent a product to receive a commission.

For Advertiser

If you are an advertiser looking to promote your business, we welcome you onboard. Our Website has a monthly reach of more than 50,000 people.

The rates mentioned below are an estimate, actual rates may be less or more depending on various factors.

ContentMin Budget (in USD)/monthMax Budget (in USD)/month
Paid Articles$100 one time$500 one time
Ad Placement$100/month/ad location$2500/month
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