Apple Event — November 10

Yesterday at the traditional Apple Way of announcements, a series of new Apple Silicon powered devices were launched and in the official event you can find some of the interesting announcements which we all were expecting since announcement of Apple Silicon.

  • Announcement of Apple Silicon M1 Chip.
  • Announcement of Mac OS Bis Sur.
  • Announcement of Macbook Air.
  • Announcement of Mac Mini.
  • Announcement of Macbook Pro.

Apple Silicon M1 Chip

Basically, in short it’s a custom made Apple Silicon Chip. This new Chip has unified memory architecture which offers high bandwidth, low latency & Apple Designed package accessible to entire SOC.

Credits : Apple

With 4 high efficiency cores and 4 power efficient cores, this new M1 chip has so far the best performance offered by any silicon chip made by Apple so far. This same chip will power the new Macbook Air, Mac Mini and the Macbook Pro.

The power efficient cores provides great battery life whereas the high efficiency cores delivers great performance. This gives much more power on board to developers for their apps made specifically for this new M1 chip.

Mac OS Big Sur

Credits : Apple

Mac OS Big Sur is going to be so far one of the biggest changes which we will witness in Mac OS in recent days. Apple specifically emphasised on key-phrase

And by designing the whole system together…Hardware and Software

This statement shows how revolutionary this all new OS is going to be for Mac Users. Mac OS big sur is expected to come with all new Software Privacy Built in features and with an all new control panel and support for the latest M1 chip, we expect to see a new level of hardware and software integration with this new launch.

It will also offer a seamless workflow for users between their iPhone, Mac, iPad & Apple Watch. Sounds cool right !

Macbook Air

Macbook Air has always been known for it’s thin and light design and a great battery life. Well guess what, this new Macbook Air has got even more battery life upto 18 hours. Another cool thing about this new Macbook air is that, it has no built in fan. Sounds Obvious, because since the last few versions of Macbook Air, Apple had already tried removing the ventilation.

The new Macbook air will be powered by the all new Apple M1 chip and Apple Claims it to be faster than 98% of PC Laptops. The Camera Quality of this Macbook Air has also been improved as claimed by Apple. It also offers upto 3.5 times faster CPU & 5 times faster Graphics than the existing Macbook Air all at the same starting price of $999.

Mac Mini

Mac Mini delivers the same desktop experience in an incredibly small form factor. With the new M1 Chip and a new 8-Core CPU, Mac Mini delivers upto 3 times faster CPU performance than the last quad core version.

Also, it’s claimed that the Mac Mini is upto 5 times faster than the top selling PC Desktop. That’s incredible work in such a small form factor and we feel that Apple really raised the industry standard at this point. The Mac Mini starts at $699.

Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro is loved by students and especially creative professionals for performing their daily task with fast and stable performance. This year, it has been upgraded with the latest M1 chip as well to enhance the user experience further.

Developers using XCode can now build their apps 3 times faster than before. The new Macbook pro delivers upto 17 hours of Wireless Web Browsing. This new range starts at $1299.

To make it all more interesting, if you are in the US, you can order these from today itself.

That was all for this event, hope this quick summary helped.


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