Major crypto exchange firm, Paxful has partnered up with El Salvador’s administration to open the country’s first Bitcoin Education centre which has been named La Casa Del Bitcoin. The objective of the centre is to educate the citizens about crypto and the benefits of adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender for the country.

Paxful has announced that the centre will not only be open for everyone interested to learn but also for the people who want to teach about crypto and that too for free. Further, the La Casa Del Bitcoin centre will also be housing the office of Built With Bitcoin Foundation which is an American non-profit organisation dedicated to providing access to quality education, clean water, humanitarian support and sustainable farming all powered and funded by cryptocurrencies.

Why is the La Casa Del Bitcoin centre necessary?

When the law regarding Bitcoin becoming a legal tender was passed in the country, a large majority of the El Salvadorian citizens didn’t take it positively as the rest of the crypto community throughout the world did. In fact, a survey conducted last year found that 7 out of 10 citizens opposed the law and a further 9 out of 10 had almost no concept of crypto or Bitcoin.

Hence, when the El Salvadorian government made it mandatory for all businesses to adopt and accept Bitcoin as a legal tender and persuaded all the citizens to embrace the new law, numerous protests and riots broke out throughout the whole country to oppose the law.

The El Salvadorian government believes that these protests and riots opposing the law only started because the citizens lacked the basic knowledge regarding the asset and its future growth scope. Hence, different social activists fueled by the opposition party and anti-social groups were able to brainwash the public into thinking that this law would drive them out of their livelihoods. So, these protests and riots were actually orchestrated by these anti-social groups to undermine the government’s authority.

It has also come to notice that despite the law being passed last year, only a few major businesses like Macdonald’s, Starbucks’ and other large companies have implemented the law. As it is believed that contrary to the small business only these major businesses have the necessary resources and funding to have their own tech team to research on the whole implementation process to implement it.

Hence, the government is planning to build the La Casa Del Bitcoin centre with the sole intention to not only educate the citizens and the businesses but also to help them implement it.

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