Hey there guys, I am sure you must have heard the term rehab centre even once in your lives. Well, rehab centres or rehabilitation centres are special treatment facilities where people get themselves or others admitted to treat them or rehabilitate them from any serious addictions which are normally not possible to get rid of by themselves and you need a disciplined environment to help you do so. So, an addicted person can once again return to their daily normal life that was once distorted by their own addiction.

These rehab centres treat a wide variety of addictions like any narcotic substance (drugs), addiction to alcohol, addiction to electronic gadgets (social media, games) that are prevalent in teens or any other addiction which is disturbing the natural flow of one’s life. But what if we told you that there is a rehab centre for crypto addiction? Yes, you definitely read that right. There is one rehab centre in the whole world named Castle Craig which treats people who are severely addicted to crypto.

Inside the Crypto Castle

At first glance, Castle Craig would look like any other ordinary eighteenth-century castle from the outside which is situated in Peeblesshire near Edinburgh. But upon closer inspection, you will be surprised to find that it is a private rehab centre that too for crypto addicts. The rehab centre is overseen by therapist Tony Marini. Marini claims that he is the first physician in the world who has acknowledged the issue of crypto addiction which he states is quite similar to gambling addiction and he has also claimed that he has successfully treated around 15 people since 2017.

Marini states that it all starts with occasional trading which most of the time leads to frequent wins or frequent gains. This, in turn, feeds a person’s dopamine cravings and makes that person dream of earning millions fast. This sense of hope of earning quickly starts to slowly blind a person of all common sense or logic. The person starts to get addicted to this which as per Marini is quite similar to gambling addiction. Just like gambling addicts, crypto addicts don’t understand or simply ignore the fact that the way that they are earning a quick buck can also lead them to financial ruin if their trades go wrong. Hence, even after their losses, they keep on ignoring them and as a coping mechanism, they seek relief in various other addictions such as drugs, alcohol or even both, etc.

Marini further states that many people get into cryptocurrency as they originally intended to buy stuff from the dark web where crypto is mostly accepted as a currency and slowly get themselves lost in the world of trading as already mentioned above.

To make us understand more about how dangerous this addiction really is, therapist Tony Marini further shared a real-life example of one of his patients, who was associated with the finance sector, the person was so addicted that he embezzled over £1million into crypto from his employers.

Therapist Tony Marini states that he has seen a huge rise of crypto addicts in the past 10 years. He states the reason is pretty simple, most people out of shame don’t want to admit their losses in any field and hence, nobody wants to open up and admit to their crypto losses. So, most newcomers only get to hear the success stories and think that the crypto market is only associated with gains or wins. This encourages the people to come on board and those who become addicted don’t even want to admit that they are gambling at first, they only see themselves as occasional traders until it becomes too late to hide it anymore.

Currently, people are coming from all over the world, mainly from the United States, Malta, Dubai and the Netherlands to get themselves treated here in Castle Craig.

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