Let’s clear the concept of the term ‘ rural ‘

    According to US censors, rural includes all the people living outside the urban area and who live in a farm. It is differentiated from urban entrance of geographical location equal and productive distribution of households, kingship, close interaction between individual and families.

What does Paul Landis said about ‘ Rural ‘ ?

 Paul Landis, he has define the concept of rural development as follows :

Statistical purposes of rural places with less than 2500 people living there. Further he also stated in that area a high degree of intimacy and informality consists and better relationship.

How World Bank defined Rural Development ?

  1. The World bank defines rural development as a strategy designed to improve the economy and social life of the rural people
  2. It involves extending the benefits of the poor people who set a livelihood in the rural areas.
  3. The group includes a small-scale farmers, tenants and landless.
  4. Rural development is a comprehensive concept and encompasses the development of agriculture and allied activities, village and cottages, industries and curbs, socio-economic infrastructure, community services and facilities and above all human resources in rural areas.