At this point, we all know by now that the CoWIN system or the portal is related to the mass vaccination drive in India where a person must enrol or register in order to get themselves scheduled for the Covid-19 vaccine and it is no secret that such a large PAN India level vaccination drive that is also considered to be the world largest vaccination drive isnโ€™t going totally without a hitch.

The public is facing multiple issues from vaccines scarcity to vaccination venue scheduling issues. One of the most recent issues that have come to the notice of the administration is that many people had booked or scheduled themselves to get themselves vaccinated but ended up not going. However, they later received a confirmation SMS on their registered mobile number that they have been successfully vaccinated and upon checking the Cowin portal they have found that they have been marked vaccinated and the vaccination certificate is available to be downloaded.


Upon further investigation, the authorities were able to trace the cause of this error to human data entry error. It has been found that due to the immense workload of the vaccination drive on the vaccination venue staff, they have mistakenly marked a person to be vaccinated on their online portal despite the person not showing up.

Image source: CoWIN portal

For this very issue, the authorities have introduced a new step in the online scheduling process where the beneficiary after scheduling their appointment would get a 4 digit security code (OTP or One Time Password) via SMS and also on the appointment acknowledgement slip. At the time of vaccination, the vaccinator would ask for the 4 digit security code that the vaccinator must enter on his/herโ€™s online portal to confirm the beneficiary has been vaccinated. Without the code, the vaccinator would not be able to mark the person vaccinated, hence eliminating the data entry error issue.

This will also make sure a beneficiary only gets the vaccine from the scheduled venue and date that the person has chosen at the time of scheduling. This will also solve the grave problem of people impersonating others to get the vaccine.

This new 4 digit security code process has been effective from May 8.

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