When rest of the crypto community around the globe is lauding El Salvador for achieving a daring feat such as becoming the first country in the world to accept Bitcoin as a legal tender. There is totally a different scenario going on in El Salvador. This scenario includes multiple large scale protests, riots and now an investigation. Yes, you read that right, these protests and riots are targeted against the new Bitcoin law by none other than the countries own citizens. It seems the people of El Salvador are really unhappy with the new law as they claim that this has been forced upon them by the current government administration led by President Nayib Bukele.

For more details behind the reason why the citizens of El Salvador are unhappy with the new Bitcoin law, please follow the link.

The El Salvador government facing investigation

Amidst all the protest and chaos, it seems that a human rights organisation that goes by the name Cristosal has sent a complaint to the Court of Accounts of El Salvador demanding an investigation against the current Nayib Bukere government’s new Bitcoin law. Cristosal claims that the recent Bitcoin purchases by the government, the new official crypto wallet Chivo and the new crypto ATMs seems to be constructed and implemented through unscrupulous financial means and the Court of Accounts which looks after the country’s public spending need to run an audit to investigate the whole matter.

The Court of Accounts of El Salvador has also acknowledged that it has received a letter of complaint from Cristosal and has also accepted it. So, having accepted the complaint, the next step will be for the Court of Accounts to carry out a legal financial assessment of the whole matter and forward its finding to the General Audit Coordination.

Well, this is not the first time for the government to face an investigation regarding the new Bitcoin law implementation. Back in the past, the El Salvador government has also faced several accusations regarding harassing, silencing and intimidating several prominent vocal critics who spoke against the new law along with accusations of harassing small and big businesses to accept the new crypto law by compelling them to accept Bitcoin as a payment medium.

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