Hey, there guys, we all know how the NFT adoption craze is growing day by day. As days pass, more and more brands are trying to adopt and implement NFTs on their platforms. Now, it’s Meta (formerly Facebook). Yup, you read that right. Meta has started to roll out NFT support for some U.S. creators on its platform.

For now, it seems that Meta has started by only supporting Ethereum and Polygon-based NFTs. However, they have commented that they also plan to support Solana and Flow-based NFTs soon.

Further, Meta’s Product Manager Navdeep Singh had also shared a post on Wednesday on Twitter announcing this new development.

How will this all work?

It seems users would be able to connect their crypto wallets with their Meta profiles, allowing them to access their stored NFTs on the wallets and use them as they wish. Users would have the option of using their NFTs as profile pictures and also be able to post them as regular posts for others to see, like, react and comment on.

Further, Tech and media consultant Martin Bryant has also pointed out that it seems Meta is trying to slowly lean toward the Web3 innovation and may likely be supporting and promoting various Web3 innovations on their platform soon. He further added that Meta is also simultaneously testing out various new features which when implemented would give a more Discord-like feel to Meta groups.

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