Facebook held a year-ending meeting with its employees on Tuesday, where it discussed its future plans for 2021. The company is mainly targeting two new technologies. One of them is the neural sensor technology which could read the human mind and the other is the “TL:DR” technology which would summarise news articles so that users would not need to read the whole article.

According to an article by BuzzFeed News, the meeting was virtually broadcasted by the company CEO Mark Zuckerberg to the company employees. In the meeting CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed several new upcoming technologies which were still in development by Facebook.

BuzzFeed News even claimed to have an audio recording of the internal meeting.

As per BuzzFeed News, the company demonstrated its neural sensor technology in the meeting, which was still in development. The new neural sensor tech’s main objective is to detect the human brain’s neural signals and convert them into realistic inputs. As per the company’s Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer, “neural signals coming from my brain, down my spinal cord along my arm, to my wrist,” where this sensor detects and interprets them, and allows users to make a physical action.

To put it simply, Facebook is trying to introduce a new technology which will be able to directly read our thoughts and perform those tasks automatically like for example- typing, holding a virtual object, or controlling a video game without any physical contact or movement by the user.

The company also demonstrated the “TL:DR” technology which is an acronym for ‘too long, didn’t read.’ As per the report, “TL:DR” is the name of an AI(Artificial Intelligence). The AI’s main objective is to summarise news articles into bullet points which would help the readers to save time by directly sorting out the main points from a lengthy article. It was also reported that the new technology may give audio narrations of articles and also have a voice assistant to ask questions about a particular part from a lengthy article.

CTO Mike Schroepfer, also noted in the meeting that Facebook’s data centres were getting new upgrades which would exponentially increase the performance. The new upgrades will make the systems 10 to 30 times faster, which would allow the company’s AI to perform better and also train themselves.

CTO Mike Schroepfer mentioned another technology in the meeting, which is the Horizon. As per the report, the Horizon is a VR technology for social media. By using this technology, users can roam or hang out in a Virtual Reality world using their own custom avatar. Users can freely interact with each other in this virtual world which will be connected to a social media platform. There will also be a universal voice translator system which will allow users to communicate with each other using different languages.

The company also mentioned a technology called FaceGen in the meeting, which would allow video chatting in bad connectivity environments.

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Disclaimer- All the information provided in this article are gathered from various sources like rumours and leaks. So, the actual information which will be released by the company in the future may vary.


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