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Basics of Bitcoin | 6 Part Course | Guide to every Newcomer in Crypto

A 6 part series on how to start your Bitcoin Investment Journey for everyone. We’ve covered everything from Market Cycles, Trading View Charts, Doing our Research, Maxing out on Bitcoin, Spotting Support and Resistance & a 40 min AMA with Kunal Kishore. This isn’t any Financial or Investment Advice.

After completing this series of 6 videos, you’ll be able to understand,

  • When to Enter the Market & book profits
  • How Crucial BTC Charts are
  • Doing Research beyond Twitter Shilling
  • Marking Support & Resistance on TradingView
  • How traders think in the 40 min Episode with Kunal Kishore

The entire section has been laid out from my first-time experience. The Quality will definitely improve in our next courses based on public feedback. I’ll surely attach a form at the end of every section. Looking forward to suggestions.

Watch on YouTube, or bookmark this page for future reference.

Blockchain Basics | 23 Part Playlist | A-Z of Bitcoin, AltCoins & DEX

In Progress, I’ll upload 2 Episodes every week ……..

A 23 part series covering every single topic from basics to advanced in one place is absolutely free to watch. Yes, you heard that right! We’ll go right from understanding What is Bitcoin, Blockchain & its use in Finance & Health Sector, What is Ethereum to staking and lending on dApps, & a 40 min AMA with a special person at the end. Everything will be summarised in this playlist.

After completing this playlist, you’ll be able to understand,

  • Blockchain Fundamentals
  • How Bitcoin Works
  • Blockchain use cases in Finance, Health, Supply-Chain, Identity, etc.
  • Introduction to Ethereum
  • Ethereum Nodes
  • Ethereum Accounts & Setting up Metamask
  • Ether (ETH), EIP-1559, Ethereum 2.0, etc.

  • Creating a Rinkeby Test Network.
  • Transferring demo ethereum.
  • Introduction to terms like Gas, Gas-Price, Gas-Limit, Base Fee, Block Reward, etc.
  • Ethereum block explorer.
  • PoW vs PoS
  • Eth 2.0 Sharding.
  • Introduction to Layer 2 Protocols.
  • What are StableCoins & why do we need them?
  • Signing up on Binance.
  • Transferring Real Money to our Metamask Wallet.
  • Understanding Liquidity Pools.
  • Understanding Yield Farming & the risks.
  • Using DeFi Protocols (Compound, Aave, UniSwap, etc).
  • Learning to Stake on BSC Pancake Swap.
  • A dedicated section for Hardware wallets.
  • Basic Safekeeping Practices for Wallets & Exchange Accounts.

Watch on YouTube, or bookmark this page for future reference.

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