The Google Pixel 4 series consists of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Both smartphones are great for photography. But the phones have many issues which the company has failed to address even after numerous complaints from many users. Few of the common issues are listed below:

  1. Face Unlock issue

This is the most common issue faced by the Pixel 4 series. In most cases, the phones fail to unlock via the Face Unlock feature. This is most problematic for users as the phones don’t have any fingerprint sensor. Some users have complained that they have received error messages to clean the top of the screen. Users have complained to face this problem since last year. But to this date, this issue remains the same. Some users have said that this issue started with them since the Android 11 update. The company has tried to fix the issue by rolling out software updates which only worked for a few. Surprisingly, as per Google’s issue tracker, the issue is mentioned to be resolved by the company.


As per many users and forums, the only two things which a user can do is to perform a soft boot which would only temporarily solve the problem or you could perform a full factory reset which has been proven to work much better (don’t forget to backup your data before doing a factory reset).

2. Wired headphones connection issue

Many users have reported that the phone won’t recognise or detect the headphone when they had plugged the headphone jack in. The phone would keep on playing music through its speakers even after the headphone was connected.


The issue seems to be caused due to compatibility issues with third-party USB Type-C to 3.5mm converter adapters. The user would need a converter which supports DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) But the issue is the phones don’t come with a converter cable in the box. This causes the users to buy random converter adapters which are not compatible with phones. Google officially has its own converter cable which works with the phones perfectly.

3. Voice command issue

Many users have also reported facing an issue with Google Assistant’s voice command. It is reported by users that the phones fail to respond to “OK Google” or “Hey Google” command when the screens are locked. It seems the Google Assitant app only starts working when a user manually unlocks the screen and then only the phones are able to respond to the voice commands.


Some users have found that the problem can be solved by changing the phone’s built-in battery optimization settings. It seems the phones’ own battery optimization app disables the Google Assistant app while the phones’ screens are locked to save the battery. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Battery optimization. Find the Google app and disable the optimization. Some users had also reported fixing the issue by clearing the app data and the app cache. A user can also fix the issue by simply uninstalling and reinstalling the Google app which would totally reset the app. Another option is to do a complete factory reset which would totally reset the phones.

4. Hardware issues

Both the phones have various hardware issues where the only choice of action is to get the total phone replaced. The two most common hardware issues faced by both the phones are:

Display: Many users had reported getting grey and pink spots on their phone’s displays. The spots are mainly prominent on black and dark backgrounds.

Mic: Some users had also reported about their phone’s microphone, where it had suddenly stopped working completely.

Solution: There is nothing a user can do here. The company needs to improve the hardware quality which it provides.

5. Software glitches

There are many software problems or glitches found in these two phones. Below is a list of the main glitches found in these two phones:

Sensors stop working: It has been found by many users that the sensors suddenly stop working without any reason. Due to this sensor issue many of the phones’ features like tap to wake, auto-rotate, active edge, etc fail to work smoothly. This makes both the phones irritable to use. Google had already released an update way back in March to fix the issue which worked for a few. But the issue still remains for many.

WPA3 issue: Nowadays, many WiFi routers and access points support WPA3. But sadly it seems both the Pixel 4 series phone have compatibility issues with this protocol. Many users had reported facing frequent disconnections when being connected to this protocol which is considered to be best for security. Users also get a prompt error message to re-enter their credentials to reconnect to the same WiFi router or access point set up on this WPA3 protocol. Users found this issue to be very irritating and disturbing as they experienced a disconnection from the internet while they were doing important internet-based activities on their phone like being on a live video call or an important live meeting as they faced frequent disconnections.

Visual voicemail issue: Users have reported another glitch were the Visual voicemail feature stops working. The company hasn’t still verified that the issue is with the phones or with network carriers.

Solution: Here again a user can’t do anything. They can only perform minor temporary fixes by clearing the app data or the app cache of the concerning apps or perform a full factory reset. The company has to provide software updates to fix these issues permanently.

That is all for now folks. Please let us known in the comment section, if we have missed any issues. This article will be updated if we find any more issues. So, stay tuned to this website.


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