You might wonder, why website owners prefer to use Google Adsense advertisements on their website. The answer to this question will be discussed in today’s blog. As a content creator on Youtube or your own website, if you have Google Adsense ads placed on it, you can somewhat stay assured of your revenue.

Google Adsense has more advertisers

If you get into the google ad network, you get more options as a publisher, simply because there are more brands wanting to promote their products using Google Ads. Google gives it’s advertisers more control over their targeted audience. Brands can customise their budget, and if ads are set up precisely, brands can get extremely precise targeted audience for their product or service. As a publisher, we have to pass through quality tests before Google allows us to show ads over our website. This check ensures that the money spent by the corporates in advertising get’s shown in quality websites with original and unique content.

If you are new to blogging like me and you have no idea which platform to choose for showing ads on your website, let me tell you Google Adsense is the best network for people who are new. Sometimes getting approved can be a bit tough but honestly, that’s the fun part. It was like a challenge to me since past 2 years when I was in class 10 that I want to be in there. Now after 2 years, fortunately I am using Google Ads on YouTube as well as on my blog and it was surprisingly easy. Just be unique and that matters the most.

Google Ads gives a high return on investment !

Unlike other platforms, advertisers pay only when someone clicks on their ads, this helps to save money for advertisers. As I said earlier, if the ads are optimised properly you can expect a high return on your money by only getting people who are interested on your product to your site.

As a published like me, you get good money from your site when someone clicks an ad. Google takes a cut from it but mostly you make good money as compared to others.

The ad rates vary according to country, countries like US has more Cost per Click in comparison to India. If you have audience in a country where CPC is more, you get more money.

How does Adsense Work?

The entire process is quite simple actually. You make a blog or website with original and unique content. Then you create an Adsense account. Google take around 2 days to review your site. If it follows their policies, then you get approved. After getting approved, you add a little bit of code to your website and then you are good to go. The ads that get showcased on your website are based on the type of content you are posting and the interest of the visitors. All this is done algorithmically.

Once your website visitors start clicking on your ads, you start making money from them. Adsense works on a cost per click and revenue sharing basis. Your main job is to get as many clicks possible from website visitors by following the Adsense terms. Important point is that never click on your own ads. Also, never use shady methods to boost views or clicks on your website advertisements. Google has complex algorithm in place and if it detects something suspicious on your account, you can get banned.

How much can you earn ?

  • CPC (Cost per click) in your niche and the country your visitors reside.
  • You can use Keyword Magic Tool to check the rates for your keyword and country.

Finally, Traffic is the boss !

Get people to your blog or website, traffic has been and will be the king. If you get a million visitors each month you have no idea how much you can make from your website. For that you need to learn SEO and some other stuff but success doesn’t happen overnight. Keep learning from the internet and start to create a fan base for your brand. As more and more people visit your site, you get good RPM and CPC from it. I do it from my YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Quora and Instagram. Keep making strategies and keep executing them.

Hope this short and simple article helped !


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