Most of you guys may be wondering what is this Google Daydream VR? Well nobody can blame you for not knowing this as it was a platform released way back in 2016. It was a Virtual Reality (VR) platform released by Google. It worked with a VR headset which was also sold by Google. Back in the days when it was first released, it was a very hyped up topic as it was one of the first VR platforms declared by Google which focused on the VR technology which would have been integrated into android devices that would give us a good feel of the VR technology. It was more of a hype because back then people did not totally know or understand the concepts of the so-called VR and this could be a good way for people to understand and get a good feel about this futuristic technology called VR.

Google Daydream VR headset

Google even declared separate phone models which would support the Daydream platform. Back then there where many apps tailored specifically for this VR platform to work with. Many VR games were designed keeping the Daydream VR platform in mind. There was also a VR section for this feature in Google’s Play Movies and TV app.

It was true that Google received a good response at the time of its release but sadly as time passed the craze for this VR platform lost its momentum. The crowd just slowly lost their interest upon this so-called futuristic VR technology. Not even the developers were interested in making apps specifically tailored to this platform. So, slowly Google started removing many features and supports from this platform and the crowd didn’t even notice it as it slowly faded away. The once hyped crowd totally forgot about it. Finally, Google slowly started to remove it from different new phone models which the crowd didn’t care as nobody remembered it at all. Google had also discontinued the Google Daydream VR headset in 2019.

This was one of the first signs which showed that Google was planning to discontinue this whole platform and make it a relic of the past and finally Google officially declared it that the Android 11 update won’t have this feature at all. According to Google, it won’t receive updates, although users can potentially still access third-party VR apps through the Play Store.

On the other hand, Google has shifted its interest from VR to Augmented Reality (AR).  It has continued to support the simpler Cardboard VR system as an open-source project but it is doubtful that Google is going to release any substitute to its Daydream platform anytime soon. On the other hand, Facebook is dominating the VR market with its Oculus platform which does not have any big competitors right now.


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