The Global payment giant announced yesterday on twitter that users will now be able to buy or sell cryptocurrency on Paypal.

The Customers will be able to buy hold or sell crypto at their Fingertips using the Paypal App. As of now users can buy Bitcoin and 3 other cryptocurrency using the Paypal Application. Also, they will be able to track live prices of the crypto assets in real time.

The app has a section for people to learn about cryptocurrency as well. This directly gives access to more than 300 Million people who use Paypal for their payment needs. The company also showcased that soon, the customers will be able to pay for their orders using cryptocurrency as well. The feature has started to roll out in the US already. This news is actually another big story of a tech giant coming in the vast unregulated sector of cryptocurrency. Earlier we saw, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s company Square investing 1% of their assets in Bitcoin.

As more companies keep coming in this sector, we expect that the future of Digital Assets look promising. A video will come on this as well on our channel soon.


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