What is rural development ?

Dynamic process of development of the rural people through various program and projects so that they can become self reliant citizen of the country.

  1. The concept of development can be viewed as a process of realising surgeon goals argues such as improved health ,housing, better nutrition ,communication improved transportation, increase common over resources etc.
  2. It is fundamentally a process of transformation involving the whole society such as economical, social ,political and physical structure as well as value system and way of the life of people.
  3. Development is a process of continuous progress. It create self reliance assuring equal distribution of opportunities and resources and insuring socio – economic justice and harmony among all the section of the society.
  4. Development may be defined as the process of creating a situation in which all citizens of a country can lead a satisfying life.

What is the main problem in the developing countries with the developing program?

Our main problem in a developing country weather development program is the lack of implementation. So, we need proper utilisation of these sanctioned schemes and yojans to carry out these development program in an integrated way.