Hey folks, as you already know that cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain tech is being inducted by various organisations and administrations throughout the world in various fields to streamline their age-old systems and now there has been a new kind of adoption, the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSHRC) of Saudi Arabia has officially announced that they have partnered up with Blockchain Lab to implement a new Blockchain tech-based “digital credentialing solution” system.

The unique part about this adoption is that this is one of the first major Blockchain tech-based adoptions by a major medical institution in the history of medical science. This simply means that this new development may pave a new way for the whole medical field to adopt the new system.

What is/are the benefit(s) of implementing this new technology?

This new development enables the hospital to access, monitor, manage and publish various digital certificates and info regarding their patients on a real-time basis which can also be easily accessed and verified by the patients or their concerned family members.

KFSHRC is now able to securely issue, manage, track and verify hospital credentials in a much faster, efficient and convenient manner. Residents receive a secure email that allows them the ability to view their verified credentials on the blockchain and/or download it directly to their digital mobile wallets.

CEO of KFSHRC, Majed Alfayyadh

The above-mentioned implication of the Blockchain tech into the country’s medical infrastructure is major proof that the Saudi Arabian administration is keen on backing their previously made statement by the country’s IT sector’s decision-makers regarding the importance of adopting and implicating crypto and the Blockchain tech behind it into their age-old systems and networks accessed or used by the common citizens to ease and streamline the process or system.

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