People are often familiar with the term “application”, whenever they visit any application store like Google Play store or App Store. It’s basically a piece of software that does a specific task. Actually, there might be more than a million software applications which are currently being used and most of them are web based software applications, which follow a centralised server-client approach.

Some of them might be distributed and only a few rare of them might be decentralised.

First, let’s understand what is meant by a Centralized server based app.

It denotes that whenever you send a request to the app, it sends the data to a specific server via the internet and the server is located at a specific point and it controls the vital functioning of the app on your smartphone. If anything goes wrong with it, the app on your phone will stop working. Or in case, that server is hacked, you data will be spilled. Otherwise, in case your government wants to track you, it can using the centralised server.

Not everyone thinks about it but that’s the current reality with most of the apps which are there on the play store. It’s the most widespread model for software applications. They directly control the operation of the individual units and flow of information from a single center point of operation. You can take examples of Facebook, Google, Apple etc.

So, what’s meant by distributed and decentralised?

Distributed means computation is spread across multiple nodes instead of just one. Companies like Google have adopted a distributed method of content delivery in order to speed up computing and data latency. Hence, it can be called as an example of both centralised and distributed network. Facebook is also one of the example of such a network.

What is a dApp?

It’s a new field of technology that’s constantly emerging as a new standard for future applications. Different developers have varied opinions on what a dApp is. Some developers think that having no central point of failure is all it takes to make a dApp. Other’s feel that there are other requirements which an app should follow to be considered as a dApp.

A popular example of dApp is Bitcoin from which the anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto profited handsomely. He kept an initial amount of Bitcoins and let others use the rest.

In the upcoming articles, we will talk about Smart Contracts and Blockchain which play a crucial role in the functioning of a dApp. Till then enjoy other articles and keep researching ??

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