Apple announced the brand new line up of iPhone 12 this month. People were too excited for the upcoming smartphone. Talking of iPhone 12, this phone has quite some interesting new features like 5g native support, fastest A14 Bionic chip with a new version of neural engine, better quality XDR display and more. Despite all this interesting features, should you buy this new smartphone?

First and the foremost thing which I don’t like about the iPhone 12 in India is the pricing. In India the iPhone 12 mini starts at INR 69,990 or $952 which is way more than the US pricing. It is not at all justified for all the premium which we are paying. The iPhone 12 Mini has a 5.4 inch display but the actual smartphone is smaller than the iPhone 8 in hand.

Secondly, in India the iPhone 12 starts at INR 79,990 which is close to USD 1100. Again not at all good value for the price we are paying. Apple is charging too much for the users in India.

Currently, the iPhone 11 is sold in an offer where you can get free Apple AirPods this Diwali in India. It starts at INR 54,990 and I feel that’s a much better deal for now.


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