Hello guys, if you people can remember we had already done articles on how crypto was rapidly being adopted around the world in different fields. The last article on this was on how crypto is being adopted throughout the sports world and now again, we are back with a new one which is about Dogecoin being accepted by Tesla. Yes, you read that right. Tesla, the very same company which previously started accepting Bitcoin as a legal tender for their electric cars and later stopped accepting it, is now again doing the same thing with Dogecoin. The world richest man Elon Musk on last Tuesday had recently tweeted that his company, Tesla, Inc. would from now on start to accept Dogecoin as legal tender for some merch manufactured by the electric vehicle company as an experiment.

What does this mean for the Crypto world?

Well, if we look at the short term effects of this news, Dogecoin suddenly soared up to $0.195 which was a 24% gain from the price right before the news. Plus, as mentioned above from now on Tesla and crypto enthusiasts would get the opportunity to buy the company’s merchs’ in Doge. Currently, the company manufactures belt buckle, apparel, quad bike ‘Cyberquad’ for kids, mini models of its vehicles, and ‘Cyberwhistle’ modelled after its much-awaited futuristic Cybertruck.

But if we focus on the long-term effects, the news only proves again that the whole world is being very enthusiastic about adopting crypto and the main Blockchain tech associated with it. As we mentioned in our previous articles, crypto is being steadily adopted by countries, sports teams and big companies. Even many notable persons all around the world are discussing and holding their sizeable portfolios in crypto. All these discussions and developments around crypto-only prove that crypto is going to become more mainstream sooner or later.

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