Paeng Min-wook, a 28-year-old South Korean industrial designer has created a technological marvel dubbed the ‘Third Eye’. The ‘Third Eye’ is a smart robotic eyeball sensor that can be worn by a user on his forehead. The sensor is made to detect any obstacles in front of an unattentive user and warn them in time to avoid a collision. The ‘Third Eye’ is specifically created for the sole purpose to help smartphone zombies to navigate safely through their surrounding when even being almost completely oblivious to what’s in front of them.

How does the Third Eye work?

The ‘Third Eye’ is simply a smart sensor in the shape of a robotic eye that needs to be strapped onto a user’s forehead. The device has a gyroscope sensor that has the capabilities to measure the oblique angle of the user’s neck that enables it to detect whether the user is looking straight forward or looking down possibly at a smartphone. This helps the device to determine whether the user is paying attention to his surroundings or is solely concentrated on his smartphone. Depending on this very scenario the device gets automatically activated from a dormant state and the translucent eyelid of the device opens up to detect what’s in front of it via an ultrasonic sensor just like bats. After that whenever a user unattentively comes close to an obstacle in front of them, the device starts to emit a beeping sound to warn the user and bring the person back to his senses to avoid the accidental scenario.

Video source: South China Morning Post

The device consists of a gyroscope sensor and an ultrasonic sensor that is connected to an open-source single-board microcontroller along with a battery pack to power the whole thing.

The Inventor’s thought

Paeng, who is a postgraduate in innovation design engineering at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London shared his views about the device with Reuters. He said that “As we cannot take our eyes off from smartphones, the extra eye will be needed in future.”

Paeng had earlier tested his device on the streets of Seoul where he the odd attention of many passerby’s. When one was asked about his opinion, he said that “I thought he looked like an alien with an eye on his forehead” and also added “These days many young people can get into accidents while using their mobile phone. This would be good for them.”

Inventor Paeng Min-wook

Paeng further added that this device would just act as a warning and won’t be able to do anything against the ever-growing issue of gadget addiction. The people need to change for themselves for their own good.

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