If you are starting out to buy cryptocurrency, then probably you must have heard of decentralised wallet services which allow you to store your funds online. Two most popular one’s among traders and hodlers are Metamask and Trust Wallet. Both of them have support for Android and iOS applications and offer great UI for users. Today let’s talk about some of the ups and downs of both of these applications and which of these do I prefer to store my crypto.

Let’s start by discussing about Metamask Wallet first. If you don’t know what exactly it is, probably you should visit their site and read other articles which we have written on blockchain.

Compatibility and Support

Metamask has an added support for browser extension and it makes tasks handy. Unlike Trust Wallet which is available only on iOS and Android, Metamask has a chrome extension which users can use to access funds in their wallets. Personally, I liked this feature a lot as websites like Uniswap come with a connect to wallet button and metamask does that job perfectly in a matter of seconds.

Additional Features

Metamask also has an additional handy feature of buying Ethereum from the application. In India, you can use it via Transak. It’s an inbuilt feature that allows you to buy Ethereum starting as low as $10 (approx Rs 750). On the other hand, Trust Wallet has a minimum buying amount of $50 (approx Rs 3500) for most of the coins and in some tokens it has a minimum amount of $150. One thing to note, Transak requires KYC to buy funds in India. Without KYC, you won’t be able to pay using your bank accounts.

Transfer Experience

Considering payments, Metamask is fast and easy to use. I would say it’s slightly less user friendly than Trust Wallet but it’s not that bad either. You can scan a QR Code and pay or you have option to manually enter the address and complete your payment. Most of the tokens can be easily added in Metamask using the custom token button present in the application. In case of Trust Wallet, you don’t have that button handy and you can add tokens using the search button.

App UI

In terms of UI, I have to say Trust wallet is better. It looks cool and had a modern UI than Metamask. In the iOS Application, I specifically liked the dark mode look of the application. The tokens are listed one below another and it looks less cluttered overall. The notification system in trust wallet is also handy. Whenever you receive a token, the app sends a notification which I believe is a great feature.


In security, both of them are excellent as long as you don’t loose your seed phrase or tell someone your private key. Keep them safe and store it offline. If your funds are stolen or gone, no one will be able to help you get it back.

I hope this article was helpful.

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