Hey their folks, if you have been following the past news trend regarding America’s position on crypto, you would know that they aren’t really a big fan of it. In fact, we have seen some notable figures like the former President of America, Donald Trump openly speak against it and how it is a threat to the American Dollar. While some, on the other hand, support the innovation just like US Congressman Pete Sessions, who has recently tweeted about it and also has been vocal about it in past.

The US Lawmaker tweeted on March 18 that “Bitcoin is aligned with American values and will strengthen the dollar,” to which many Twitter users commented with mixed opinions and further, the post ended up attracting the opinions of some notable figures as well.

Who are some of these notable persons and what are their opinions?

One of the most prominent replies was from the Chamber of Digital Commerce commenting:

Thank you for your leadership and support … We couldn’t agree more!

Following this, Blockchain Investment Group Founder, Eric Weiss commented “Pete gets it” and along with that even Core Scientific founder, Darin Feinstein commented that Pete Sessions is “100% correct.”

Further, Morgan Creek Digital Assets co-founder, Anthony Pompliano even added:

Bitcoin embodies the American ethos of free markets and free speech.

Along with this Mark Jeffrey, the New York Times bestselling author also suggested that:

The U.S. Treasury should begin stockpiling bitcoin reserves immediately,

Plus, he also ended up tagging US President Joe Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in the above Tweet to get their attention into the matter.

On the other hand, some argued by stating that Bitcoin may be aligned with the American values but the dollar isn’t and some clearly stated that if Bitcoin isn’t managed or stopped it may very likely end up undermining or even killing the US dollar which may in return be deadly for the US economy.

This is not the first time Sessions has been vocal in support of Bitcoin. Earlier this week, Session tweeted about how Bitcoin could be a good hedge against inflation by emphasizing that “CPI rose 7.9% through February — the fastest pace of annual inflation in 40 years.”

Back in February, he even appointed a chief economic development and energy infrastructure advisor named Himanshu B. Patel for his own crypto technical working group. Even back in December 2021, he urged Congress to be supportive of the crypto industry.

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