From pop-up selfie cameras to foldable display phones, you may think that you have seen it all and there is nothing left to amaze you. But what if we told you that Vivo is working on a new project that may leave you speechless. The new Vivo phone will have a detachable pop-up selfie camera. Yes, you read that right. As per the company, the new concept is called Vivo IFEA.

As per the Vivo IFEA concept, the smartphone will have a detachable pop-up selfie camera. The pop-up selfie camera module will be magnetically attached to the phone. The detached camera module can be remotely controlled via the phone on a real-time basis. The camera module can be placed anywhere as the user may desire, it can even be magnetically attached to a surface and the user can control the camera via the phone within a particular range. The user can remotely click selfies or record videos.

Camera module magnetically attached to a clip module to be used to clip on to different objects like clothes or dog collars, etc.

As per Vivo, this feature can be used to take multi-angle action shots which could be a game-changer for smartphone photography. The company expects that this feature will be very popular among smartphone-based photographers.

According to an article on the Red Dot website, the detachable camera can be also used via voice commands. The phone will also support multiple camera modes for the detachable camera which will enhance the user’s photography experience. Below is a quote from the website:

IFEA has multiple accessories and support mechanisms with different modes to increase stability and storage. As a result, videos can be captured while walking or during sports, without any compromise to the visual stability. The device can be used seamlessly with the smartphone’s original camera.

There is also a safety feature for just in case you forget to reattach the camera module to your phone and leave it behind. After a specific distance from the camera module, the smartphone will start sounding a warning alarm which will warn you that you have left the camera module behind.

As per various sources, the phone has a nearly bezel-less design. It can also be confirmed that apart from the detachable pop-up selfie camera the phone will also have a triple rear camera setup. So, it could be said that the company won’t make the detachable camera as the primary camera of the phone.

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Disclaimer- All the information provided in this article are gathered from various sources like rumours and leaks. So, the actual information which will be released by the company in the future may vary.


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