Google has decided to make a fundamental change in its most awaited Android 12 update which is said to be launched in the upcoming year.

Google has announced that it will make it easier for third-party installed apps to work in compliance with Google Play Store guidelines.

This was declared after Google had announced that it would make it mandatory for app developers to comply with Google Play Store’s in-app purchase guidelines.

As Android is an open platform/open-source service, it allows multiple app stores to be installed on an android device along with its own Google Play Store app. In fact, nowadays most android devices come with two pre-installed store apps. Google has already made it clear in there guideline policies that if any developer chooses to distribute there app via Google Play Store than they must also follow all the guidelines policies mentioned in the Google Play Store app including requiring them to follow Google Play Store’s billing system process if they offer any in-app purchases of any digital goods for security and safety reasons. Google is also tweaking the languages in its payment policy to make that clear. Any app which is not already following this guideline will be required to do so by September 30, 2021.

Google has also announced that it is fine by developers selling and presenting their apps on other store platforms but if they want to sell and present there apps on Google Play Store, they can do so by following the guidelines set by Google.

However, Google said that they will update the guidelines to make them easy to be complied by the developers.

“In response to that feedback, we will be making changes in Android 12 (next year’s Android release) to make it even easier for people to use other app stores on their devices while being careful not to compromise the safety measures Android has in place. We are designing all this now and look forward to sharing more in the future” 9to5 quoted Google as saying.


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