If you are looking for a new laptop, then probably you can get confused. When I was looking myself for a new laptop before joining college, I faced similar experience. Today I am going to break down my experience of getting a new laptop and how you can decide what to buy for your college in 2020. Let’s get started.

So, as of now, you have two options for choosing a laptop presently in 2020. Either you can get a Macbook or buy a Windows Laptop. So first we will discuss the advantages of Windows and then it’s disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows Laptop

Flexible Hardware Updates

  • Getting a windows laptop is actually easy. You have more customization options which give a much more flexibility as compared to a mac. Also, in future you can upgrade the ram or SSD with a powerful one as per your wish. Unfortunately, for the Mac users that’s not the case. If you are planning to get a Mac, then you have to stick with the specifications which Apple is giving you for the price. You have zero upgrade options in hardware and you are actually stuck with the machine which you have purchased.

Control Over Software

  • Also, Windows offers more control over the software as a user, which a Mac doesn’t. Windows treats it’s customers as owners of their software but Mac OS treats you as an user. This has both it’s upsides and downsides. Since, Windows has more options of customization, you are likely to face more crashes or laggy software. Mac OS is quite stable which has no comparison with windows in terms of it’s stability.

Price is Cheaper

  • Windows laptop is cheaper as compared to a Macbook. This is what allows many people to afford a laptop running some version of Windows in it. Mac OS, is actually expensive and if you want to get your hands on a newer Macbook, you might end up paying a $899 price for the base Macbook Air. Being cheaper and widely used makes it more compatible in work environments in India. You will see most of the schools and colleges using a Windows based laptop or Desktop in their business. This leads to a vulnerability as hackers often target Windows as a primary target just because almost 90% of the PC’s run on it.

Poor built quality

  • Talking of Hardware Quality, I have to say that Macbooks offer far superior hardware quality as compared to Windows Machines. You will see a Macbook easily lasting 7-8 years with regular software updates but hardly any Windows Laptop does that. That’s the reason why big corporate or creators love to buy a Mac, it’s because they are actually cheaper to operate in the long run. Windows machines have weird plastic build quality which is not good and get’s marks of oil or scratches with regular usage.

Also, to be mentioned Macbooks are better in terms of performance stability. As a creator, we all need our laptops to be reliable and ready to go. Fortunately, Apple designs Macbooks for this purpose only. You can’t play games on your Mac, but other than that you can so all sorts of work related to productivity on your machine. I keep it turned on forever and not once did I had to shut down or restart my Macbook. It just does the work perfectly.

Hence to sum up this article, if you need a machine to work upon reliably then you should buy a Mac, or else you can go with a PC.

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