Today we are going to discuss about the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor, launched by the Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi. As many of you may know that this product had been launched by Xiaomi in India on 14th July and was available for shipping from 10th August. The device is capable of inflating car tyres, motorbike tyres, bicycle tyres and footballs/basketballs. The device comes with its very own built-in power supply which is a lithium-ion battery. The company claims that the device can inflate 5 car tyres or 8 bicycle tyres at one go, without the need to charge it. It also has a LED light which would act like a torch to help find the tyre air intake nozzle in the dark.

Price and Availability in India

The Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor was launched by the Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi in India on 14th July 2020 and was ready for shipping from 10th August. The current price of the product as per is ₹2499. The items which are present in the box with the product are a French-styled removable moth head, an air needle, a charging cable, a storage bag, and a user guide manual.

In-box items

Note- The product does not come with a charging adapter. Any normal 5V=2A mobile charging adapter can be used to charge the device.


The device comes with a digital display which can be used to the check or adjust the pressure. The device also has a LED torchlight which helps to operate the device in the dark. The device doesn’t need any external power source to function as it comes with a 2000mAh lithium-ion battery. The device is also small in size (dimension- 124mm x 71mm x 45.3mm) and has a gross weight of 547g along with a net weight of 450g which makes the device easy to carry hence, its name Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor. The company claims that when the 2000mAh battery is fully charged which takes less than 3 Hrs, it can support the inflation of 5 car tyres (one tyre would take 6 min to fill) or 8 bicycles tyre (one tyre would take 3 min to fill) in one go without the requirement of charging it in between. The device can also be charged by any normal power bank via a micro-USB cable. The exterior body of the device is made of ABS(Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), with a smooth black finish. It has standard push buttons which are used for adjusting the pressure. The inflation pressure range is 0.2 bar/3-145 psi/20-995 kPa with a sensor accuracy of +/- 2 psi. As per the company, the working noise of the device is less than 80dB at a distance of 1m which can be a bit noisy. The device comes with pre-programmed presets which would help the user to directly choose any one of the following categories- car tyre, motorbike tyre, bicycle tyre or a football/basketball which will, in turn, save time for the users, as they would not require to manually set the pressure every time for inflating different things. As per Xiaomi, the device comes with an “excellent” heat dissipation feature and with good shock absorbers to reduce the noise and vibration generated by the cylinders.

It could be said from the above facts that this is a must-have device for frequent travellers or for going on long journeys on a car, motorcycle or a bicycle.

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