Yamaha has recently launched two soundbars in India that are the Yamaha SR-20A and the SR-B20A. Among the two, the SR-20A is the compact version with a sound output of 100W and the SR-B20A is the more powerful version with a sound output of 120W. Both the soundbars come with two speakers and a sub-woofer, thus making them a 2.1 channel setup. Both the models come with HDMI TV ARC support and both the models can be controlled via a mobile app. They also come with remote controllers. Both can be placed on a tabletop and as well as wall-mounted.

Yamaha SR-C20A & SR-B20A Soundbars: Price

Both the Yamaha SR-C20A and the SR-B20A soundbars are marked at ₹20,490. However, currently, the SR-C20A is marked at ₹18,190 and the SR-B20A is marked at ₹19,900 on the e-commerce website, Amazon.

Yamaha SR-C20A & SR-B20A Soundbars: Specifications

The Yamaha SR-C20A soundbar has two speakers of 20W on both sides and a 60W sub-woofer in the centre, thus giving it a total sound output of 100W and the Yamaha SR-B20A soundbar comes with two 30W speakers on both sides and a 60W sub-woofer in the centre, thus giving it a total output of 120W. As mentioned earlier, both soundbars come under the 2.1 channel setup category, both can be controlled by a mobile app via Bluetooth connectivity and both have remote controllers.

For connectivity, as mentioned earlier, both come with HDMI TV ARC output port support, both the soundbars come with two digital optical input ports each (neither support 4K pass through) and both support Bluetooth v5 connectivity with SBC and AAC codecs. The SR-C20 comes with an Analogue Input port and the SR-B20A comes with a subwoofer output port.

As for the sound quality, the SR-C20A comes with Dolby Audio support and on the other hand, the SR-B20A comes with DTS Virtual:X support that enables the soundbar to provide a 3D surround sound experience. Both the soundbars come with Yamaha’s Clear Voice function that automatically increases the volume of the human voices and makes the voices clearer and audible compared to the other background sounds. Both the soundbar comes with different sound modes: Standard, Movie, Stereo, and Game Surround Sound modes. Both the soundbars support Dolby Digital audio and Dolby Pro Logic II.

As for the dimensions, SR-C20A measures 600x64x94mm and weighs 1.8kg. The SR-B20A measures 910x53x131mm and weighs 3.2kg.

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